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The new ways of life, it seems it backs everyone into a corner.
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The friendship community: The family value system to begin to be known originally in the former times was a vitally basic and nucleus of social life – the whole fabric of society.


But the tendencies of a new social growth of present shatter the stratification rapidly; more especially it ruins the family behavioural patterns and social life. Relationship between members of family breaks down far and wide. For the sake of members of each individual of family, his or her daily life depends wholly on social service outlets, such as Day-care center, schools, hospitals, etc. In order to keep up with the Joneses all are all in stress, unsecure. The new ways of life, it seems it backs everyone into a corner. However, a good attempt has been pursued in order to remedy this social ills by revitalizing, socializing, ecstasy whose families or individual would like to be friends with you. They are ready to make friends, remember “a friend in need” keep in mind always that friend of or friend to: a helper, supporter, adviser, person showing kindness and understanding from the above mentioned “friend” whichever  means of communication – connection between people make relationship, new relationship creates new life and then community friendship, building up community based on entirely from relationship by sharing and blending personal identity or character, what’s more bridging the gap of individualism. However; grouping ties from networking are open ended an informal. And free from working hours scheduling, restrained or any obstacles to “community.” By and Large “friendship” is characteristically flexible, smoothly especially no area limited, consequently community may change simply and rapidly. It depends on opportunity, level and frequency of individual who would participate and share friendship at the planned event.


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