A Planet Alignment - once in many thousand years

There is some thing you may like to see, another planet alignment of Moon, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter in a (pretty much) a straight line in the E to SE sky. The best time to this astronomical event is from 4:00AM - 5:00AM local time, and the best day to see this is between 25/4/2565 - 30/4/2565.

Credit image: Stellarium Free-open sourced software

This is an event that only happens once in many thousands years. It is worth getting up a little early, feel and breathe some nice fresh air and see a marvelous Moon and 4-planet alignment. Don't miss it.

For those who are astrology-inclined, I would not recommend seeing any fortune-teller worrying about impacts of so many planets on our star. But I would say this “Life is what we make of it”.  


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The window for view this planet alignment is closing as the moon’s position is fast shifting out of alignment. We will see the other 4 planets for a few more days. But to them with the Moon again, we will have to wait few thousands years.

Many people who looked at this planet alignment may also see ‘moving stars’ crossing the line of planets - they are some the many ‘artificial satellites’ in orbits. Not ‘UFO’. Sorry.

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