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 ไปเจอมาจาก Top Ten Video Sharing Websites  (มัน top 10 ตรงไหนเนี่ย)

Website Ease of Use (30 points possible) File Size, Storage Limitations (30 points possible) Other Stuff: Format Flexibility, Editing, Distribution, and Privacy Options (40 points possible) Final Score Comments 30 30 35 95 Does everything imaginable with uploaded videos. Doesn't have editing features yet, though.
VideoEgg 30 25 39 94 VideoEgg makes it so easy to push videos to other sites, and the videos look great when they arrive. By far, this was one of the most responsive services we tested.
Dailymotion 30 26 35 91 Responsive site and very easy to use. Distribution options were especially nice, too.
YouTube 27 28 35 90 YouTube is definitely the gold standard of video sharing sites. And, even though the site clutter is excessive and a few features need tweaking, there's definitely a reason why they're the one to beat.
Veoh 27 30 30 87 Is this the P2P dream come true? Veoh's created a very solid, reliable video sharing experience sweetened by the lack of upload size restrictions. Bravo, Veoh!
Google Video 30 25 31 86 Typical Google. Easy on the eyes. Easy to use. Limited distribution options.
Grouper 19 26 40 85 A little confusing at first, but the service has lots and lots of functionality once you download the free software application.
Jumpcut 30 10 40 80 The best online editing tools. Pity about the file size restrictions, though.
AOL 26 25 28 79 The VideoEgg technology makes uploading, trimming, and viewing easy. Distribution options are limited, and one set of embeddable links provided were full of HTML errors.
Eyespot 30 14 34 78 This site has some of the coolest editing features.
Fliqz 30 15 30 75 Very user friendly and family friendly. Sparse sharing options. No editing. But the site was only launched in July, so it's got lots of room to grow.
Guba 20 27 28 75 Another site that's pretty good, but doesn't really stand out in a crowd.
Openvlog 30 20 25 75 Another nice site. "Record" feature allows users with Webcams to make their own video on the spot.
Revver 25 15 35 75 Another nice overall site. Takes a while for video to show up, though.
ManiaTV 30 15 28 73 Tom Green has a ManiaTV show. Why don't you?
ClipShack 25 20 27 72 A nice site that's easy to use.
Motionbox 27 15 30 72 Motionbox offers an exceptional feature that allows you to highlight specific bits of videos and share just the good stuff. Blog support and other distribution options are coming along. This site will definitely climb in the ranks as it matures. 25 30 15 70 What was all the hype about?
MySpace 30 15 25 70 Slim sharing options. No video editing. And, as usual, there's a file size limit.
Sharkle 25 20 25 70 It's called Sharkle, but it doesn't sparkle.
Vimeo 30 10 30 70 Another winner in the "ease of use" category. The lack of viral videos on the site is nice, too.
vMix 22 20 25 67 Slideshow tools are nice. But this site's video sharing experience is only a little above average.
Bolt 25 15 25 65 Supports RSS feeds, but other distribution options weren't apparent. Lots of contests that appeal to teens. 25 10 30 65 Like Phanfare and Fliqz, this one's family friendly and easy to use, but probably more appealing for photo sharing.
GoFish 25 10 30 65 Not a bad starter site. But you should go fish for something better if you're serious about video.
Phanfare 20 25 20 65 This ad-free, clutter-free site was conceived around sharing, archiving, and uploading photos, so the support of video is sort of a bonus for existing members. Not really a place to start if you're serious about video.
Video Webtown 20 30 15 65 We had a tough time uploading and converting a Windows Media file. Otherwise, the site's clunky design might be worth tolerating so long as it continues to offer more storage space than most sharing sites.
VidiLife 5 30 30 65 We could complain about the user interface and the lack of features, but why bother? The annoying Circuit City popup ads on every page will keep users away in droves.
vSocial 25 15 25 65 Sparse and functional, like Google. But ugly, like something a novice would have built.
iFilm 28 15 20 63 This site used to be good for seeing studio content and serious short films. Now it's also a "me too" in the viral video space.
Panjea 26 15 20 61 A Revver-ish site with more community site features.
Atom Films ( 25 15 20 60 Supports all the right formats. No decent distribution options. Privacy options unclear.
Photobucket 15 15 30 60 Another photo site with bolted-on video features. Functional, but not impressive. 12 15 30 57 Nice software, but the company's video sharing, distribution options, and pricing model are holdovers from the days of videotape.
Yahoo Video 20 15 22 57 Where's the creativity? Yahoo is just doing a "me too" – and not a very good one, either.
Filecow 30 10 15 55 A fine place to host small files for free.
Streamload's Mediamax 0 30 25 55 We couldn't get Streamload to upload! We've heard raves about the sharing service and registering was dead easy, but uploading wasn't possible – even after rebooting, turning off the firewall, and changing to a different Internet connection. Maybe you'll have better luck.
Metacafe 15 15 20 50 Hard to see why the world needs YouTube and Metacafe. During a test upload the site couldn't recognize the same Windows Media file that 40-something other sites had no trouble accepting.
ZippyVideos 25 5 20 50 Meow. Another copycat site with nothing new to offer.
Lulu TV 15 10 20 45 Maybe instead of paying content creators, they should concentrate on hiring some good Web designers.
Ourmedia 2 30 10 42 What a mess! The folks at Ourmedia are so inclusive they've managed to create a site that's cluttered, slow, and doesn't work – for everyone.
Putfile 20 5 15 40 Viciously viral. YouTube's UK cousin, perhaps?
Castpost 10 10 10 30 The site took forever to load, and our video never did appear. Looks as though they're going through some growing pains.
Yikers 5 0 5 10 You can share videos here, but Yikers is mainly a place for folks who want to watch viral videos without ads.
Pooxi Incomplete Incomplete Incomplete Incomplete This is a popular site, but we didn't rank because our ability to read French might've caused them undeserved ratings damage.


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