Naewna on June 1, 2019

I would like to express deepest condolence  to the decease of venerable H.E. Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda.

I would like to express deepest condolence to the decease of venerable H.E. Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, Ex-Prime Minister and President of the Privy Councilor.

I would like to mention about his continuous kind contribution and support to my works in 3 phases as follows.

In the first phase, he was a Deputy Minister of Interior when my father was a Deputy Prime Minister in Prime Minister Gen. Kriangsak Chomanan’s era. Thammasat University appointed me to be the Chairman and Co-founder of Labor Institute. After the discussion among employers, employees and Ministry of Labor and stakeholder public hearing at the Rose Garden, we invited H.E. Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda to preside over the first meeting. At that time, I was only 34 years old and did not know him before. He gave encouragement that this institute was useful. It was a good start for Human Resources Institute.

In the second phase, I was the Director of Human Resources Institute for total 4 consecutive terms. There were a lot of local and international activities. I can say that there were many of them especially international activities. I invited him to preside over the opening ceremonies for several activities. At that time, he was Prime Minister and kindly supported my works. Then, the works of Human Resources Institute gained local and international recognition.

In the third phase, I was the Secretary-General of Foundation for International Human Resource Development (FIHRD). We organized 5 Leadership Forums which were international conferences. I invited H.E. Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, the President of the Privy Councilor to preside over 2 Leadership Forums. When I wrote about my 8K’s Theory, I thought about Ethical Capital which I was inspired by him.

When I wrote “The Ethical Power” Book, he kindly gave a marvelous review on my book as follows.

" Doing things based on morality and ethics is hard but possibly done. Harder things are maintaining the virtue forever and inspiring people to appreciate our morality and ethical contributions and adopt as role models.

Morality and Ethics must coexist to perfectly mutually complement and become outstanding.

Morality resides in people’s mind and inspires them to well behave. Morality is Dhamma controlling people to think, speak and do things to benefit other people. Morality is a conscience which is naturally born or implanted by families, schools, religions and society. When it is strictly practice, it is morality implanted in mind.”

Despite his decease, his roles remained important for the country. He continuously supported morality, ethics and people development. On behalf of Human Resources Institute and Foundation for International Human Resource Development (FIHRD), without his supports, our works would be moderate.  When he supported us, he helped us upgrade our local and international work standards.

On May 27, 2019, Ministry of Foreign Affairs kindly invited me to join the "Selamat Swasdee" Book Launching Ceremony which was organized to celebrate the 60-year anniversary of Thailand-Malaysia Diplomatic Relation establishment. On this occasion, we looked back to the past to understand the present and move to the future. H.E. Mr. Sunthorn Hongladarom, my father used to be the first Thai Ambassador to Malaysia. The book was published. There was a panel discussion on continuous relations up to the present. I feel very honored and pleased.

Prof .Dr. Chira Hongladarom  


Source: Learning from Reality Column. Naewna. Saturday 1 June 2019, p.5

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