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Thailand seems to be chaotic, so does our world.

The cause is the lack of Value Diversity, especially in Sri Lanka

I always teach my students to look at the Macro or Global level before looking at the Micro level. King Rama IX talked about this several times. Prof. Prawase Wasi, MD., a senior citizen used to day that Thai doctors are good at in-depth knowledge but are poor in the big pictures. The main reason should come from education. Our education requires the students to choose specific fields of study at the early age. Then, they must be good at these specific subjects. The students in Thailand must study law when they are in the first year. In other countries, they must get Bachelor’s Degree before studying law. The talented legal experts in the U.S. who become politicians can balance the broad and in-depth views.

For my radio program in the morning, I plan with Mr. Vichai Worathaneewong to talk about the breaking news from reality which might have come up the previous night. We also analyze impacts on people. I am not human resource expert with narrow view. I am interested in several subjects. I always focus on the changing reality. I teach people to be able to think and analyze the reality.

Several times, when I am happy, I talk about the emerging concepts. I learn every day. Every day, who do we meet? Thailand has a lot of smart people. Some may not have many education opportunities. Thai society still judges people based on the graduation institutes and degree. Those who graduate from famous universities or with high degrees are regarded as smart people. A shocking fact is that some of them may not be smart but have corruption. Some stop learning after graduation. Some are overconfident. Some are stick to the textbooks they learn from professor. If I am still healthy, I will work as an informal teacher by never stopping learning.

Now, I work with my team to share information on social media which is essential. Despite old age, people must understand and learn. Do not be afraid. People of all ages can learn about digital technology, I intend to be a student of a short course on digital technology. People do not have to be expert to be able to use or manage digital technology but understand how to use. Some elderly are not interested in digital technology. They think that it belongs to young people. At home, I always practice using the new technology. Even though I am not good at it, I am ready to learn about it. I always read good articles from Internet. My students and network must be lifelong learners.

Today’s main topic is “World Order”. Most Thais think that it does not relate to us. Why is not it related to us? In the Imperialism Era, the more developed countries seduced the low-tech countries into colonies.

It was regretful that 2 modern political leaders, Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and Assoc. Prof.  Piyabutr Saengkanokkul who used to be at Thammasat University did not study history on how our monarchy could save our country. They must greatly appreciate our monarchy. They should not claim that democracy is better than other systems.

This includes Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and Assoc. Prof. Piyabutr Saengkanokkul’s excuses. If they are as good as Thammasat University taught, why did they hurriedly and secretly do things? They should make it clear. If they really love democracy, why do they still cooperate with lese-majesty system and support all land red policy? Why do they cooperate with the party which cheated on 700 Billion Bath rice mortgage?

After Trump became the U.S. President, the World Order greatly changed. Instead of caring for the world, he focuses only on the U.S. or America First. Then, China automatically became the world leader. China does not take advantage of everything. It tries to promote poor countries in the world like African countries to have more opportunities. President Putin also plays more roles in the World Order. When he met the North Korean President, Trump’s global roles decrease. Thailand must be moderate.

China greatly supports investment in Africa. At the present, the Western leaders join forum in Davos. China tries to organize annual conference on economic cooperation especially in the developing countries. If we look at “One Belt, One Road” Concept, China will not invade any countries. We can remember that Chins had large navy troops sailing all over the world. However, China had different ruling policies from the West. The current immigrants to Europe are a problem from the past policy. These people came from their colonies. How many black football players were there in France and U.K.’s national teams in the past?  Now, nearly all of them come from Imperialism Policy.

Before ending, I talk about diversity several times. We must create value from diversity. If there are conflicts, there will be a lot of problems. Sri Lanka has religious diversity. 70% are Buddhists. 7.4% are Christians. 9.7% are Muslims. Hindus are 12.6%. Diversity in Sri Lanka causes a lot of problems. There are bombs at several places. The dead tolls are more than 300. It is a small country bordering to the Southern India. However, the bombs are very serious. They wanted to take revenge on Muslim assassination in the mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I would like to request people to use Value Diversity for creating love and harmony in the future.

Pro.f. Dr. Chira Hongladarom


Source: Learning from Reality Column. Naewna.Saturday 27 April 2019, p.5

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