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ข่าวจากคุณ Kamthorn บอกว่า แลปท็อป $100 ตัวแรกเดินทางถึงสำนักงานใหญ่ OLPC (จาก blognone)

แลปท็อปเครื่องแรก รุ่น B1 ได้เดินทางมาถึงสำนักงานใหญ่ OLPC ที่แคมบริดจ์ ซึ่งตัวนี้เป็น 1 ใน 10 ตัวแรก ที่ผลิตขึ้นด้วยมือเพื่อตรวจสอบการทำงานของชิ้นส่วนต่างๆ ที่ประกอบเข้าด้วยกันว่าทำงานได้ถูกต้องทุกส่วน ทดสอบความเข้ากันได้ของทั้งระบบ และให้แน่ใจในขั้นตอนกระบวนการผลิตจริง...

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มาดู Hardware Spec กัน

Physical dimensions:
    * Dimensions: 193mm × 229mm × 64mm (as of 3/27/06—subject to change)
    * Weight: Less than 1.5 KG (target only—subject to change)
    * Configuration: Convertible laptop with pivoting, reversible display; dirt- and moisture-resistant system enclosure

Core electronics:

    * CPU: AMD Geode [email protected](datasheet)
    * CPU clock speed: 366 Mhz
    * Compatibility: X86/X87-compatible
    * Chipset: AMD CS5536 South Bridge (datasheet)
    * Graphics controller: Integrated with Geode CPU; unified memory architecture
    * Embedded controller (for production), ENE KB3700: Image:KB3700-ds-01.pdf
    * DRAM memory: 128MB dynamic RAM
    * Data rate: Dual – DDR266 – 133 Mhz
    * BIOS: 1024KB SPI-interface flash ROM; LinuxBIOS open-source BIOS; Open Firmware bootloader
    * Mass storage: 512MB SLC NAND flash, high speed flash controller
    * Drives: No rotating media


    * Liquid-crystal display: 7.5” Dual-mode TFT display
    * Viewing area: 152.4 mm × 114.3 mm
    * Resolution: 1200 (H) × 900 (V) resolution (200 dpi)
    * Mono display: High-resolution, reflective monochrome mode
    * Color display: Standard-resolution, quincunx-sampled, transmissive color mode
      eToys (Squeak) running on the OLPC display
      eToys (Squeak) running on the OLPC display
      Special "DCON" chip, that enables deswizzling and anti-aliasing in color mode, while enabling the display to remain live with the processor suspended. Since we will always be running the frame buffer at 1200x900 resolution, the color resolution is lower, but exactly how this works out in effective resolution is very complex. Mary Lou Jepsen is planning to write document to explain the effective resolution, which is higher than if we simply reduced the size of the frame buffer and used the red, green and blue channels. Easiest, and most convincing, may be to measure it with appropriate test patterns; in the meanwhile, you can examine this photograph of the display (it looks even nicer in person; photographing a display is remarkably difficult).

Integrated peripherals:

    * Keyboard: 70+ keys, 1.2mm stroke; sealed rubber-membrane key-switch assembly
          o Keyboard Layouts
          o Layout pictures - US International, Thai, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Nigeria
    * Cursor-control keys: five-key cursor-control pad; four directional keys plus Enter
    * Touchpad: Dual capacitance/resistive touchpad; supports written-input mode
    * Audio: Analog Devices AD1888, AC97-compatible audio codec; stereo, with dual internal speakers; monophonic, with internal microphone and using the Analog Devices SSM2211 for audio amplification
    * Wireless: Marvell 88W8388, 802.11b/g compatible; dual adjustable, rotating coaxial antennas; supports diversity reception
    * Status indicators: Power, battery, WiFi; visible lid open or closed
    * Video camera: 640x480 resolution, 30FPS

External connectors:

    * Power: 2-pin DC-input, 10 to 25 V, -23 to -10 V
    * Line output: Standard 3.5mm 3-pin switched stereo audio jack
    * Microphone: Standard 3.5mm 2-pin switched mono microphone jack; selectable sensor-input mode
    * Expansion: 3 Type-A USB-2.0 connectors; SD Card slot
    * Maximum power: 500 mA (total)


    * Pack type: 5 Cells, 6V series configuration
    * Fully-enclosed “hard” case; user removable
    * Capacity: 22.8 Watt-hours
    * Cell type: NiMH
    * Pack protection: Integrated pack-type identification
    * Integrated thermal sensor
    * Integrated polyfuse current limiter
    * Cycle life: Minimum 2,000 charge/discharge cycles (to 50% capacity of new, IIRC).
    * Power Management will be critical


    * LinuxBIOS is our BIOS for production units; Open Firmware is used as the bootloader.

Environmental specifications:

    * Temperature: somewhere in between typical laptop requirements and Mil spec; exact values have not been settled
    * Humidity: Similar attitude to temperature. When closed, the unit should seal well enough that children walking to and from school need not fear rainstorms or dust.
    * Maximum altitude: -15m to 3048m (14.7 to 10.1 psia) (operating), -15m to 12192m (14.7 to 4.4 psia) (non-operating
    * Shock 125g, 2ms, half-sine (operating) 200g, 2ms, half-sine (non-operating)
    * Random vibration: 0.75g zero-to-peak, 10Hz to 500Hz, 0.25 oct/min sweep rate (operating); 1.5g zero-to-peak, 10Hz to 500Hz, 0.5 oct/min sweep rate (nonoperating)
    * 2mm plastic walls (1.3mm is typical for most systems).

Regulatory requirements:

    * The usual US and EU EMI/EMC requirements will be met.
    * The laptop and all OLPC-supplied accessories will be fully UL and is RoHS compliant.

One Laptop per Child
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