Teaching Heart to Heart

[A class of 2016: A cockatoo is telling the lorikeets some stories.]

Teaching Heart to Heart

I am a Teacher. Teaching is for me.
I am a Learner. Learning is exploring the world to be.
I will learn, test to verify and tell from experience.
I will teach how to learn, what, where, when and why, not in expedience.
(Would you come with me?)

We can travel the world, live and tell about our learning.
We can make more friends, freely choose and share our yearning.
One Learners’ society, Rights to Life, Necessity, Family, Truth and Liberty.
One Earth, one Ecology, one Nature and Technology - All Open - this Century.
(Could we make this a reality?)

Together, we will bring up more Learners, more Learning with Learners.
Hand-in-hand, we will sail across the Universe, out-frontier for Dreamers.
We will find ways of learn-to-learn, and heart-to-heart.
We will go much further, of course, the sooner we start.
(The Future is not ‘a la carte’!)

We are Teachers. Teaching is for us - where-ever it may be
We are Learners. Learning is expanding the world we see.
We will listen, question, and learn from experience.
We will practice learn-to-learn, heart-to-heart,… in our Conscience.
(Should we now sing in harmony?)

NB. A change in education is needed. Supplying ‘workers’ to industries via market mechanisms is failing our social development - our goal of ‘better life in better environment and better connected society’. A foundational change in philosophy of education is proposed here - in concept, encrypted and without details. It aims to seed discussions and thinking about teachers’ career - in short

How can we become any-where/international learners/teachers in this century?

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