Poetry in This Century

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Poetry in This Century

Yonder the days of ever classic romance
Joyous days of wines and roses - ballroom dance
Whispering to earphones and texting
Love on air, wireless -- Oh coming...

What can we share in life - while we're apart
Comments and trends, Pictures and videos - clips of art?
Where can we find and buy some love potion?
On the Net - online lust - no emotion!

Virtual reality, with AI - a new chemistry
Read and write, with mobots - another poetry
Shut that door, plug me in -- Oh power that be
Touch my hand, light up screen -- Yes. Yes Take me.

Toiling for family, aiming prosperity, old way of life
Left lane ends, a tad ahead, merging a big strife
It is now, like it or not, the new century
We'd better learn, life and love, with new poetry!


[Note. ‘mobots’ are ‘mobile robots’ a class of robots based on mobile phone hardware.]

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Dear GD : Thank you for reading and encouragement.

Actually 'mobots' is not 'formally recognized' (in any dictionary) yet. What I intend is as a short name for mobile phone - robots. I think 'mobotics' will be a field of IT research and experiments to extension functionality and use of mobile phones. It will be just like 'computers' now but much smaller and cheaper -- even students in developing countries can afford to do research in this field. Yes you and I will live to see products in this field -- think of R2D2 and how it manipulates things around it. ;-)

It is also a trade name for mobility bottles.








Hi นิ่ม : I am pleased to have another friend. I like your poem too. Thank you.

I must sound "anti-technology" in my poem(s). I have to make my position clearer (in next posts/writing).

I think I am of the generation that have to learn technologies and gadgets from kids. (All generations before this teach technologies to their kids.) Many parents would be in the same boat (as me). We look at technologies as money and time stealers with little real use (for betterment of mankind) yet. But again we in the time even religions are not for betterment of mankind! This is that century!