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Join the excitement of a world class extreme aeronautic event! Info. cited from and

The Red Bull Air Race was a high performance motor sport, which saw the world's most intrepid pilots required to fly between a series of inflatable gates in a predetermined sequence in the fastest possible time. Eleven pilots took part in the Red Bull Air Race World Series; all of them long standing members of the world's elite.

The Perth leg of the Air Race was the last of nine races that had been held in various international destinations. The Red Bull Air Race was a free event that entertained people of all ages and included commentary, music and big screens.
Perth also hosted an Air Festival in the lead up to the race included the history and heritage of aircraft and other air events. Aircraft flyovers, aerial displays and static aircraft displays were featured.

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Note: This special event is an example of having multipurpose leisure participation. To analyse some benefits from these leisure activities, walking across parks to the events (no parking lots nearby the events) is a physically active leisure for us. Watching air race at the first time initiates an intellectual discussion on how the pilots would win the competition. talking with friends and having a snack during the show creates an atmosphere of social participation. Taking photos of many high-speed aircrafts challenges a skill of amature photographer.  

Photographed by P'Jee....Thank you krab :)

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I don't have a labtop with Thai fronts here, thus I cited some contents from the Australian website. The language is quite official and Jargon a bit.

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Hi Kate, yeah I went to this event on Sunday. The weather was hot and windly on that day.

Just joined the special event undertaken in Perth...before returning BKK.

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ผมยังสงสัยว่า The Red Bull  กับ เครื่องดื่มกระทิงแดง เป็นผลิตภัณฑ์ชนิดเดียวกันหรือไม่ครับอาจารย์

For your query, they are the same krab. The Red Bull is made from Thailand this product goes beyond the international market krab.

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