Message from Kimbery

Hi Chanchot,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my Tourism Exposed community.

Whether you're brand new to my community or been reading my material for a while, it's time I confess something.

For years, I used to compare myself to people I admired. Mostly, people who were farther ahead than me and seemed to be doing all the stuff I dreamed of doing (mainly like traveling around the world).

If you've ever done this yourself, you know how truly MISERABLE it is.

I imagined the "successful people" had access to things that I didn't. Things like huge financial resources and all the right connections.

Thankfully, I had a wake-up call.

Once I stopped wasting time and energy getting lost in what I now call "the comparison game" and put my head down and started taking consistent action, I realized something big.

All my thoughts about what "successful people" had that I didn't were total B.S.

I was making up excuses. And in my case, some pretty lame excuses.

The truth is I was scared that I wasn't good enough. I had limiting beliefs about myself and my capabilities.

The thing I failed to realize was that in reality, I had everything I needed to pull myself up and succeed.

At the most basic level, I had food, running water, and a roof over my head. Something that billions of other humans still don't have.

And, I had heart and the willingness to commit, to learn new things and work really, really hard to figure things out.

And I truly believe it's the same for you.

You're capable of reaching your full potential and making your travel dreams come true, right now.

Doesn't matter how much time, money, experience, or anything else that you feel you may lack, you already have everything you need to reach your highest career dreams and goals.

Because what holds most of us back is excuses. Excuses about why other people can do things, but we can't.

Excuses are like self-made prison bars that keep us trapped in mediocrity. And, we're the ones who hold the key to our freedom.

If you suspect excuses may be holding some part of you back, I think you'll really appreciate my online course called Passport To Travel Career.

It’s a step-by-step program to help you figure out a travel career that’s an ideal fit for you based on your existing skills and interests.

Even if you have no clue where to start, you’ll learn how to pinpoint a travel career idea that you can use to break into the travel industry and start your travel career right.

Because a career in the travel industry is one that can literally open up the world for you, especially if you want to combine your work with travel.

Summer enrollment for Passport To Travel Career is coming up soon and on Monday, July 11th (rescheduled from today) - we’re going to kick it off with a special Passport to Travel Career free preview email training that I created just for you.

In this free email training I’ll go into more detail about how you can find your ideal travel career idea where you can get paid to travel, and give you an exclusive invitation to join the program.

So please reply to this email telling me what most excites you about finally figuring out a travel career idea that's perfect for you.

I read every response.

To your success,
- Kimberly

P.S., In the meantime, in the spirit of celebrating how big our travel dreams can be, check out this interesting video below:

The Most Expensive Flight In The World

Etihad Airways - the United Arab Emirates national airline carrier - has just launched The Residence, an luxurious in-flight experience where passengers can travel in style between cities, including New York, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, London, Sydney and Melbourne...for a cool $76,000. If you're curious as to what a $76,000 flight will get you, click the video below.

Experience The Residence by Etihad Airways

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