A new day - a new world

A new day - a new world

We have been lucky with some good rains and some good sunshines. The essences of life (water and sunlight) are showing us what they can do. We know that life-forms are 80% or more water and that almost all life-forms are depending on solar energy. Plants are good examples. Animals too depend on water and when we look closely they depend on solar energy either directly as in the case of people needing sunlight to make vitamin D for our metabolism or as in the case of snakes lying in the Sun to warm up their body.

Each new day brings us another world, so much like the world of yesterday and the days before that. But not quite! Each new day is a new experience, a new event horizon -- admitting some events and excluding some others. The world is not a static arena with a clock hanging on one side. Space and time (as Einstein said - Space-Time -) are 'entangled' or deeply entwined like electricity and magnetism.

No we not in a Physics classroom ;-) We are here to enjoy a Sunday - a new day and a new world. So let us see some pics ;-)

A bush turkey (fleeing) comes up to our backyard to look for food (scrap left-over from the geese).

A pair of wood-ducks also come to find food in our backyard. Wood ducks pair for life.

A kind of "frogbit" (Does anyone know its Thai name?)

The same kind of frogbit -- showing leaves and (edible) flower stalks.

A water-lily (not the same as "lotus").

The world is of course full of emerging things. We can onjy look at some and overlook others. There are external, material, and visual things and there are internal, spiritual and mental things in this new world emerges with a new day.

(Will there always be tomorrows from today? But if we trust any Big Bang Theory, there was a day without yesterday! ;-)

Note. The question on tomorrows come about because 'man' now has in his hand a capacity (nuclear bombs) to destroy 'all lives' in this -old and new- world. The ways man -intelligent being- is going about solving 'emergent' conflicts is not intelligent at all.

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Thank you very much โอ๋-อโณ: I followed the link you gave and got it!

The Thai name ตับเต่านา is a lot better than 'frogbit' (a bit that a frog's left behind ;-)

-สวัสดีครับท่าน Sr.


-วันนี้มาชวนท่านไปเยี่ยมชมการปลูกผักอ่าง แบบ"ชาววัง"ครับ..

Than you เพชรน้ำหนึ่ง : I like the bottom picture of a 'road' to...เยี่ยมชมการปลูกผักอ่าง แบบ"ชาววัง"... It reminds me of the "King's many projects". He is the real "palace people" ;-)


Hi ยายธี:

I agree with "ชีวิตอยู่ได้ด้วยสองมือ..กับ..ดินฟ้าอากาศ..ที่เป็นใจไปกับเรา...".

Around my place we often hear about "We've done what we can, now which church should we go to?" (meaning which God should we subscribe?.) But for me playing with 'dna' is what we do when we do grow vegetables and ... Yes that magic dna in genes and lives. ;-)

Keep well.

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