At Home in Autumn 3

[It is now late Autumn in Dreamland - downunder. Some freezing cold winds are here from the Antarctic. Soon we will have to wear thicker clothes, put another blanket on our bed, wear socks in bed, speak with slurry accents ;-) But Winter will come as it does every year. No, we don't have snow here in Latitude 25 South - Queensland (the Queen here is Queen Victoria of course). But let us wait to finish Autumn first. So continue with pictures in Autumn ;-) ]

Tillandsia (a bromeliad) showing fan-like flowers (about 3 inches wide and 6 inches long).

Chrismas zygocactus flowering in Autumn! Evidence of climate change?

Ryder the cattle dog decided to have rest from his duty (rounding up cattle) near a flowering vinca.

A banded snake was found when we dug to right up a post. Bandy-bandy snakes are rare and harmless so, the post was righted, the hole was covered and the snake was left alone.

Snowflake bushes are flowering too. But this picture is 2 Autumns ago when Andy the horse (lawn mower) was alive.

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Thanks for your story and your lovely pictures ,I am the local Thai have not change to see the snow and never face to the cool weather as you are ,Hope to hear more story and see nice pictures form you .

สวัสดีค่ะ อากาสสดชื่นดีนะคะแต่เย็นเยือก

Thank you พูลไท : for your kind words. I was on top of ภูเรึอ เลย a couple years ago. It was dawn. Thsun was about to rise. The sky was awash with beautiful gold and red on deep blue colours. Very warm and welcoming colours, it was cold! As cold as I could remember on a Winter dawwn in Canberra. ;-) There are places and times to experiance cold beauty in Thailand, we only need to free ourselves from our 'trappings'.


Thanks GD: and a very 'warm' good morning to you too. ;-)

congrats to your well chosen lifestyle which many don't have and may never will ..

still looking for a glimpse of the choser .. among these pics...look on

Hello again Khun Sr.

Nice to hear more from you and the trip that you had visiting to ภูเรือ เลย I been there many year ago and like the place very much .Many place "Betong " in the border town Southernmost of Thailand 's weather also not to hot .Now people like to visit the "Above Cloud Hill " ทะเลหมอก (may be you know correctly English word )

Waiting to read more from your story

Best regard


….. อ่านต่อได้ที่:

What happened to Andy? He (she?) doesn't look old at all.

Thank you for sharing your common environment but very different from ours here. Nature is the best friend if we try to adjust ourselves according to it and looks like you're very good at this.

Thanks rojfitness: I am more like 'a Winter material' or perhaps with some BIG extensions (errrh exaggerations) 'a re-Spring material' ;-) So. yes, keep on looking...


Hi พูลไท: Yes ภูเรือ was quite nice on my last visit. We did see some clouds below from the lookout on the mountain top. We also visited the 'legendary rock garden' nearby. We have not been to 'Betong'. The South is on our plan, next trip to Thailand. We will be checking out places of historical and environmental interests. We are not interested in 'shopping malls', best restaurants, or bars; but wooden works (of arts); local (indigenous) tools, technologies and buildings; local foods and ways of life, etc. I can't say 'when' yet; still waiting for a few things to clear up.


Dear โอ๋-อโณ: Andy was 18 years old. We can't say exactly what he died from. We found him lying on the ground in the paddock one Summer morning 2 years ago. He was also salivating and foaming from his mouth. We gave hime some water and we pitched a tarpoline roof to give him some shade from the hot Sun. Half an hour later, he was gone. We could not find any marks or signs of injuries. We didn't think he had eaten anything poisonous (he had been eating everything we grew in the past 18 years). We checked for snake bites but could not find any bite mark. So, we still don't know. People say the most likely cause is a black snake bite. He was our 'lawn mower' and friend. Again, our people friends say he was a lucky bastard -- never had to do a day of hard work in his life.

Life and death are only seaparated by a thin thread of hope!

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