At Home in Autumn

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AT Home in Autumn

Downunder in Dreamland the seasons are not the same as in the Northern Hemisphere. Under the equator, Summer comes in December; Autumn follows in March; then Winter in June and Spring in October. At my place (Latitude -25), Autumn came promptly this year (2015). I like to share some pictures taken around my place.

Glorious dawn (05:30AM AEST - local time)

Same place later in the day (10:20AM - local time) [You may recall a similar picture posted earlier in 'At Home in Summer', it is a picture of our little 'savannah' or 'prairie' which is also a world of wildlife by its own.]

Down by the 'front dam'.

Some flora (frogs bits; salvanias; water lilies) in the dam.

The (มะกอก) Jewish Plums' leaves are turning yellow and falling (behind a little mango tree).

A ribbon cactus clump is flowering. If hand-pollinated, they bear edible fruits like small dragonfruits (pitayas).The tree behind is an 'iron bark' a very hardwood native tree with beautiful reddish and grainy wood. The white tall small tree on the right is a 'ghost gum' (ยูคาลิปตัส). It can grow to some 25 metre tall/

I have more pics but I will save them for next posts ;-)

In the meanwhile, enjoy each day in our season (where we are), because it is the best day to live - now. We can make it better than yesterday and we don't really know what comes tomorrow. Smile and live this ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) 5-smile day.

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There is very nice place, good in climate ,good in environment and nature. I like that same you.


I like it too. The place has been a medium for learning, working and inventing (or problem solving). The place has been pride and joy for living, exercises, wildlife refuge and (natural+cultural) recreation. The place has been sources of excitement and wonder with seasonal changes, climate changes, evolutionary changes and 'my' very own 'worldly changes' ;-)

I will leave this place as a habitat for many (just like ยายธี has left her place in Kanchanburi as a trees-and-wildlife refuge).


How pleasant !