Max, Middle, Just Right, Sufficient,...

Max, Middle, Just Right, Sufficient,...

We live amid concepts
-- the concepts of living happily.
We hear "live life to the Max"
-- don't hold back; do your best; do or die;...
We learn to "live in the Middle Way"
-- in peace and harmony; in contentment; in love not in war;...
We say "best to be just right"
-- not too hot and not too cold; not too weak and not too strong;...

We believe in "Sufficiency Economy" and happy living sufficiently
-- not as poor and not as rich, enough for our need but not for our greed;...
(Yes, Majesty!)

We live among poverty
-- there are a lot of poor and a few rich;
-- more of those who want wealth than those who want nothing;
-- most of us hate poverty and love being wealthy;...
(Yes, truly!)

We had abundant living resources to share
-- but destroyed regenerative processes in Nature for our "self";
-- and started the chain-reaction on "fighting for life";
-- Will the poor win because they have more "might" or lose because they can't unite?
(No, uselessly!)

We live working for wealth
-- to rise above the mass and to be more than average; (work)
-- to reach the top and to have power to command; (exercise)
-- to own and keep more living resources; (fat)
-- to be famous, successful and rich;... (stink)
(No?Yes, for ME!)

So, when some poor 'made it', they become rich,
and when we 'fail', we remain poor.
So, we walk between extremes,
up and down, facts and dreams,...
We experience feeling, tasting, enduring, moving on,...
growing, evolving, recycling on -- chained to a post.
(Thus, a folk story.)

We are all born bare as a baby
-- grow up and learn what we want to be
-- then die as bare as a body
-- all we can see.
(Whatever will be.)

Nothing in Reality.
Only Concepts.

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And we are all born equal. Again only Concept, not Reality .

Thank you GD: May say we are the same because each is equally different from another ;-)

Danke ยายธี : Sie wirklich zu freundlich. (That's about the limits of my words and pronumciations in German ;-) But you can teach me more. (können Sie mir mehr lehren ;-)

พอดีๆ นี่ไม่ง่าย


เห็นคนรุ่นใหม่ ไม่พอดีๆ ก็ห่วงใย


Absolutely nui : Our needs are different. Our solutions to our (even the same) problems are different. We try our best to live sufficiently within our means and available resources and take responsibilities for our own choices. We can wish for the rest of humanity to come our way.

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