Routine or Daidy Life

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Day in – Day out Routine /Daily Life

I get up very early in

the morning at 4 o'clock.

Before I do anything ,

I go to the toilet , wash my face,brush my teeth and take a bath.

Then I go to the big hall to chant and practice meditation .

Every early morning ,

I go for alms.

Then I have breakfast

and drink some water.

After I have finished my breakfast, I go to study at MCU Ubonratchathani.

I enjoy learning

very much.

I go back to my temple and clean the ground of the Temple.

Then I go to the hall

to evening chanting

and  practice meditation .

After that I study Pali and I go back my room.

I do my homework and read English book.

Befor I go to bed and

I drink some water.

Finally, I go to sleep.

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