There are many items that psychosocial occupational therapists should assess prior to planning any intervention.

Here are some examples:

1. Communication

Expresses self clearly (articulation, not content)

Expresses self through writing


Listens to others

Maintains eye contact

Able to follow simple verbal instruction

2. Money Management

Identifies coins

Makes change

Performs addition

Performs subtraction

Performs multiplication

Performs division

Writes checks accurately

Balances checkbook

3. Telephone

Finds specific number in phone book

Knows how to contact operator

Dials number

Identifies who to call in case of emergency

4. Medication Management

Identifies current prescribed medications

Identifies purpose of medication

Identifies possible side effects of medication

Identifies process of securing medication after d/c if needed

These activities seem to be simple and easy for general population, however, they might not be simple and easy performance for clients with chronic psychiatric illnesses.