Real-life examples

Your guide to how occupational therapy works...

With kids

Poor handwriting is only a symptom: Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

Occupational therapy in action: Using the CO-OP program

Primary care: Early identification of DCD

At work

The workplace: The expanding world of occupational therapyReturn-to-work counselling

Helping teachers stay in the classroom

Back to work at the bank

Over the Internet

Tele-occupational therapy: Making occupational therapy services accessible

Meeting children’s health needs in rural Nova Scotia.Great Idea! Funding needed

Tele-health innovations for children in British Columbia

At home

Skills for the job of living at home and in the community: Occupational therapy in Manitoba


With technology

Using technology to enable occupation

007 Technology

Tools for Living Well

Using music to help children with disabilities play

In universal design

Universal design and occupational therapy

Zonta accessible playground (ZAP): A river of the senses

Designing for a better world

Improving access at Vancouver’s largest hospital

Play as occupation — Let some ludic in!

The importance of play for children

Play and be healthy!

Singing as therapy