Life offers many opportunities for self-improvement. If more people were eager to improve their personalities in addition to their intellectual acumen and material prosperity, they and the people they interact with would certainly be happier. It is unfortunate that so few people consider self-improvement as an important goal in life. In fact, I believe that such a desire only comes to one after a certain stage in their spiritual evolution has been reached. Until then, we will feel that it is easier to make external improvements, including improving others rather than ourselves.

I believe that the, "Only when we become aware of the burden of our own ego will we be able to remove our faults. At present, we cannot bear someone else's ego or mistakes, but ours is all right. "My ego is beautiful, but his is ugly." This is the attitude most of us have, and it should go."

In other words, we must become aware of our own minds before we can make ourselves and others happy. There is an amusing prayer that goes, "Dear God, please help me be the person my dog thinks i am!" Dogs, as we all know, love their masters regardless of what type of person they are. Dogs think their master is perfect in every way. If only we were!

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