In the present day, usually the project manager did not plan the resources schedule. They just plan by time schedule. That make the project late because the limited of resources due to some machine are not available. This chapter is talk about scheduling resources, it is important process. When we plan the project we have to find out all of the activities then we have to know amount of resources be required each activities. After that we can schedule the resources. Some project have to change the time schedule cause of limited of resources. Some activities have to share the same resources on the same time some activities must expand the time to wait for the resources. That can directly impact through the critical path if there are no more float available for the expansion time of that activities.

   By Microsoft Project or any soft ware now, they have a useful tool for scheduling the resources. Not like in the past we manually calculate the resource schedule by the calculator, now the soft ware help us very much. They automatic calculate the resource schedule in the different situation. We can adjust any time and not to worry to recalculate again cause of the computer is calculate automatically.

   At my work place I did not familiar with this process. But my friend’s division (The Construction) have to. So I have to ask they for the information. They said in the small project they did not care the resource schedule but in the big project they worry too much. Because they did not want to be late the penalty is high like the project cost. Usually the contractor use Microsoft Project to manage the resources.