Bantak hospital after implemented The Quality and Healthy House Model

The Quality and Healthy House Model

Bantak hospital after implemented The Quality and Healthy House Model

1.       Managerial development : Teamwork, delegation from director to senior manager with participation on decision making. Networking with health center, District health officer, local government and community. Expression by established Hospital development board, Bantak hospital foundation, Health coordinating meeting once a month. Strategic planning with annual plan integrate with man, money, material and projects. Projects & programs relevance to strategy and key performance indicators by using Balanced scorecard. Build good relationship among staffs and manager both formal & informal activities such as sports, games, training, hospital welfare ( shops, cable TV, compensation ) , subcontracting ( housholding, rescurity, laboratory investigation ) , To be drugs center for supporting  health center , changed structure to 6 department and 3 cluster with 3 sub-directors.

2.       Health service development : developed front line services with good environment , medical equipments and behavior by donation ( estimately 20 million Baht from donators, population and community ) , Built trust from customer, so outpatient visit increase from 120 to 250-300 visits/day and expanded to be 60 inpatient-beds hospital by donation. Overtime dental clinic with fulfill services, Thai traditional medical clinic for 7 days a week, Drug abuse therapeutic clinic, care by doctor 24 hours a day, Child care center, Rehabilitation& Physical therapy, Health insurance center, Psychologic care, Health education & public relation center, Emergency medical service, Active & passive surveillance and prevention& Disease control, Active care in the community ( Home visit, Home health care, Mobile clinic, Annual health check-up ) , Primary care center ( PCU ) , Applied Hospital os program ( free program, open source code on Linux ) to use in Trans-processing system in patient & community care to make paperless office, decrease medication errors, decrease waiting time.

3.       Building & Environment development : built 1 Inpatient building & 1 Outpatient building by donation, garden ( sport, child ) , sanitation, infrastructure

4.       Academic development :  Information center, Learning promotion center for human resource development, Lecturer ( health, exercise, quality improvement, 5 S, ESB, HA, HPH ) , Off & On the job training, source for study of students ( allied health, nurse aid, dentist, pharmacist, computer, nutrition, Thai traditional medicine ) , source for study tour both hospitals and other organizations.

5.       Social & Community : support village’s  health volunteer society in primary health care, Aged care & District Aged society, Exercise ( Fitness center, Basketball, Valley-ball, Petong, jogging, Sports& games competition ) , Health promotion & prevention campaign in community activities & festival, setting District Thai local doctor society for promoting alternative medicine.

6.       Health promoting network Model : integrate local structure of community to support health promotion by coordinating School-T-Temple-Home-Hospital together. See as figure 6.

7.       Information system development : Applied Hospital os program in delivery care, Information & Information technology center. Defined health needs by Hospital & Community based data collection. Hospital based data collected from top ten syndromes & diseases of outpatient, Inpatient and epidemic surveillance disease in medical record. Community based data collected from home visit about agents, host, environment. Then summary them to each department to make planning to solve them and sent them to community. See as figure 7

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