Bantak hospital before implemented The Quality and Healthy House Model

1.       Organization structure : not relevance to functions and mission , ill-defined scope.

2.       Hospital committee : duplication, low participation of staff & community, most authority & decision making depend on director, a lot of committee but ill-define function.

3.       Planning & Evaluation : had action plan, especially projects in Health promotion & prevention. Projects were defined by top policy, not interested in community problems, so some relevance to community problems but some didn’t. Focus on process or activities, not interested in outcomes or impacts. Sectional planning not integrated planning. Inappropriate dispensed resources to each department. Loss of system approach.

4.       Goals & objectives : Only  jobs about health promotion & prevention  had indicators that determine population health status in Bantak district, setting by MoPH, but jobs about curation didn’t have indicators. Didn’t have vision, marked bureaucratic structure, poor cross functional team, poor customer focus, didn’t interest in customer voice or customer feedback or customer satisfaction index.

5.       Faithful & trust : Staffs worked with routine, moved from others area to Bantak hospital because it was near their home and province, Didn’t pround in hospital. Population less trust in hospital ,so they went to receive services from other hospital. Average outpatient was 120 visit/day and bed occupation rate 60 % (30 inpatient beds). For external visit, didn’t have visitors to study tour.