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Defining the project
Defining the project By Cpt. Anupon Naksut 

       For this class , I have to say very sorry to everyone especially the professor that I can not attend the class because I have to work in my workplace so much busy on Friday so for this subjects , I will say about it by my experience as good as possible.

        For defining the project , it is the first early phase of the project that we have to spend as much time as possible to take a look. It is all about gathering and analyzing the information necessary to clearly identify the scope of the project and then we can prepare for kick-off for about this so we shall start this phase by careful to ask  a lot of questions and do some research to get some important data that we will can use it to shape and communicate the expectations of the project.

        Defining the project is a neglected area in all projects because it is the foundation on making  the schedule, budget and resource planning then if we get  it wrong or not good enough, so everything else in the way to do the project will be wrong.

        So in this phase ,we shall also have to pinpoint in all  information that relate to the project and not only this we will also have to  collect and analysis of the customer and industry information, along with the identification of technical requirements to clarify project goals and prepare a project plan  with our team members to make sure that we have shared understanding about this.

        Then we can conclude that defining the project is serve to focus on  the specific direction to do  the project that contains all about background, context, basic goals and a project statement that cuts to the heart important and help us to bound the problems and will let us go in the right track along to the end of the project.

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