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ส่งงาน ผศ.ดร.สุภาณี เส็งศรี รูปแบบ e-learning ในต่างประเทศครับ


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A major information resoure about e-learning

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Welcome to the e-Learning Centre At the e-Learning Centre you will find a large collection of selected and reviewed links to e-learning resources. These are categorised into five main sections:
  • Library: Links to selected and reviewed articles, white papers, research reports, journal articles and resource collections in the wide field of e-learning.
  • Showcase: Links to examples of interesting online courses, learning materials and other e-learning solutions for business, schools, higher and continuing education as well as for general interest.
  • Products & Services: Links to e-learning products and services in 3 categories: e-Learning tools and systems; Off-the-shelf e-learning content and e-Learning service providers (content developers, consultants, etc)
  • Events: Links to conferences, workshops, seminars and short courses in the area of e-learning - both traditional, face-to-face events as well as online events.
  • Bookshop: Links to books about e-learning and online learning.

  If you have something you would like us to include in the site, please use the online form to submit the details so that we can review it.


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