Oral health / Dental public health

Dental public health is the science and art

Oral health / Dental public health

                 Dental public health is the science and art of preventing and controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts in that serves the community    as a patient rather than the individual. Indeed of oral health care showed the sign and symptom regarding to oral disease such as caries, tooth decay, tooth loss  and cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx that cause of the main determinants and risk factors consist of age, gender, socioeconomic status, lifestyles and clinical factors.

                 Whenever, hight prevalence and impact on individual and society is great affect to qualify of life include pain, discomfort, functional limitation involve in the financial cost to individual and community is considerable because of the treatment of dental diseases are more expensive than heart diseases or cancer.

                 The above factors of oral health condition present influential of oral health situation that hasten problem for preventability and promotion.

-          In Dublin-Iceland promotes oral health prevention program the mobile trailer that is emergency treatment like dental clinic. There are many instruments for treat besides introduce fluoride mouth rinse program, head start dental screening/fluoride varnish program, and school – based prevention program together.

-          In Vermont-New England created a unified system of early care, health and education for young children and their families focus on health insurance and medical and dental home.

In Thailand, the limited number of dentist team unable to distribute oral health care for all areas so associate member is necessary to support for promoting promotion and prevention program in other words to strengthen primary oral health care.


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