Organization is a living thing

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Thinks Tank!!เปิดกะลา สู่สากล Society for organisation learning in Vienna : 13-16 Sep'05



  • The World Café (Innovative thinking for innovative action)
  • Sustainability, Shell (Board Game) (SoL Sustainability Consortium) (triple bottom line)
  • Creating a learning space, atmosphere, environment
  • Applied Learning Process supports LO
  • Complexity (and leveraging)
  • Sense-making / Narrative (David Snowden)
  • The U Process (Seeing to Presencing)
  • Systems thinking application (systems thinking in 21st century school, and quality)
  • Learning from movies (need Thai movies DPS, Shawshank, Pay Fwd)
  • Creating a Learning Organization (Shell experience)
  • Knowledge Mgmt evolution (Communities of Practice for sharing best practices)
  • Dialogue Talking Game support-stimulate how to make a (mental models)
  • Process of Inquiry (asking questions, flip charting)
  • Talking Stick or object (pumpkin is living thing)
  • Practice openness. encourage changing tables, meet new people (cross pollination)
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Voice of judgment (mental models)– crossing boundaries, reduce prejudice
  • Learning by partner activity (dance, etc)
  • Metaphor (boiling frog and 12 year old kid party)
  • Process of Reflection (silence, self reflect, active listening)
  • Top Soil (Visible & Invisible)
  • Art and Mind Mapping
  • Musical Society
  • Lifegraph (Neung)
  • Board Games (values card game, Neung)
  • Beer Game
  • Books (children, adult cartoons) in support of systems thinking (Neung)
  • Simulation software for systems thinking
  • Lifeline sessions (preparing for journey)
  • Pilot - Incubator – baby, executive champions
  • Collaboration Inter-generational
  • Scenario Planning
  แล้วคงมีโอกาส ลปรร. เป็นเรื่องๆ ในลำดับต่อไปครับ
Attitudes and values
working for payback other than money (linux example)
Teaching (alone) is ineffective for learning
Manual is about yesterday’s solution for day before’s problem
Organization is a living thing – perception
Ask for advice before giving advice

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