One activity for many clubs; One club for many activities

I had one big problem about doing activities of the students in UTCC. Our campus is quite small and we have few people who take care about student activity. I, as the Vice President for Student Affairs, try to solve this problem. First , I try to build positive attitude in my staff: Small campus is not our problem, but it is our strength. So we have to think together. We have to work together. We have to integrate our ideas , open our mind, and know how to change and adapt our method of working. And I tell them that this is Student Affairs Policy for doing activities in the academic year 2005.

After I launched this idea, my staff can create many projects which are based on integrative thinking, for example, Ideal Graduate Project, Orientation for New Students.

Consequently, we can get the core idea for our work, that is, one activity for many clubs and one club for many activities. Both staff in Student Affairs and students in activity clubs can have chances to exchange their ideas and cooperate in their work.

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