VSA MLTV 2022 Program

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VSA MLTV 2022 Program

About VSA Thailand Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand) is a non-profit (NPO)/non-government (NGO) / Peace organization collaborates international voluntary project for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds. Our work is based on the belief that learning, sharing, and understanding can reduce any conflicts. We hope it can lead to the last goal that is PEACE. Volunteer Spirit Association (VSA Thailand) started the activity in 2008 as SAWASDEE Thailand (ST) and organized first international workcamp in 2009. Now VSA is a full member of CCIVS (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service), and partners of Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organization. We are keep promoting International Voluntary Service (IVS) in Thailand step by step.


Co-ordinate international voluntary projects for people of all ages, cultures, religious and economic backgrounds.


Gateway to the global citizen as an International Voluntary Service where you can share friendship and dream with people around the world.


Volunteers would stay and work with VSA and local partners from 1 to 12 months. The
project start 1st of every month by orientation meeting with the following themes
Education (EDU) reducing education divided by non-formal education with students
Agriculture (AGRI) sufficiency economy theory, sustainable agriculture
Renovation (RENO) supporting for public community
Social (SOCI) community supporting

Age over 20 years
Ability to communicate in English or full intention to try.
Open up and love to learn new things, and respect in the different cultures.

Team Building for new MLTV volunteers, new outgoing volunteers, new VSA members
and new local volunteers as well as with local university students in one day call ‘Buddy
Adaptation for new MLTV volunteers in new environment, weather, food, basic culture
and language preparation.
Project preparation, orientation week is the preparation week of volunteer to make clear
project understanding with coordinator before starting the project.

Mid-Term evaluation
Volunteers will have verbal mid-term evaluation with coordinator on the half of project
Final Evaluation
Volunteers need to fill in evaluation form online while finishing the project or after

MLTV Process
1. Completely Volunteer Exchange Form and motivation letter
2. VSA and local partners consider the application form
3. Complete Acceptance Letter 
4. Visa > Non-Immigrant Visa “O-A” (Long Stay) valid 90 days for one times, can be extend during the
project runnning
5. Arrival > Orientation program
6. Project running
7. Mid-Term Evaluation
8. Final Evaluation
9. Report and testimonials

VSA MLTV 2022 Program Table
1. VSAMLTV2201-1 Intercultural and Language (ICL)-Songkhla Edu/Kids 4 Jan.-31 Mar., 1 Jun-30 Sep., 1
Nov 22 -31 Mar. 23 Songkhla 2

2. VSAMLTV2201-2 Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Nakhon Ratchasima Edu/Kids 4 Jan.-31 Mar., 1 Jun-30 Sep., 1 Nov 22 -31 Mar. 23 Nakhon Ratchasima 2

3. VSAMLTV2201-3 Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Satun Edu/Kids 4 Jan.-31 Mar., 1 Jun-30 Sep., 1
Nov 22 -31 Mar. 23 Satun 2

4. VSAMLTV2201-4 Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Phayao Edu/Kids 4 Jan.-31 Mar., 1 Jun-30 Sep., 1
Nov 22 -31 Mar. 23 Phayao 2

5. VSAMLTV2203 Rescue Team Assistant – Songkhla SOCI 4 Jan. - 31 Dec. Songkhla 2


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