Leisure seminar: Challenge Communication between Researcher and Policy Maker

Research Seminar On the topic of The RELEVANCE and VALUE of RESEARCH to the DEVELOPMENT of Disability Policy On: Wednesday 6 December 2006 at Centre for Research into Disability and Society, Curtin University of Technology, Perth

When can research inform policy

Identification of need

Cost benefit analysis of policy options/instruments



Evaluation of effectiveness

"Good policy is never developed in isolation...needed to link with relevant research centres."

Policy development phase includes identify, policy analysis, policy instruments, consultation, coordination, decision, implementation, and evaluation to the cycle.

Capacity of research and policy development = unbiased and independent on public sectors + robust and defensible advice

e.g., clearly defining issue, problem to be solved, limitations, measurable indicators, possible solution on resource/time constraints, and increasing of disability research network

"Using evidence based policy and research + effective consultation" is a key success factor in the development of policy (via reality check!)

Need to develop structures and process that facilitate interactions between reseachers and policy makers...simple and easy communication in the same rationale, not too complicated and competitive expression...research paper is not equal to newspaper...!!! e.g., Commission initiative to promote disability research and help link key stakeholders ...see www.dsc.gov.au

How information can be accessible or translatable for public or government expectation?

How do we bring policy makers and researcher together?

  • Research 'knowledge as an end in itself?' or knowledge to guide action?'
  • An 'uneasy relationship?'
  • Growing pressure on research to demonstrate impact and on policy to be based on evidence.
Speaker:  Ms Jenni Perkins DIRECTOR, Policy, Planning and Information (WA Disability Services Commission)Jenni has had broad experience in social policy and community development across non-government, local government and State Government sectors.  She joined the then Authority for Intellectually Handicapped Persons in 1992 just prior to the formation of the Disability Services Commission in 1993.  She has had direct care experience in the disability sector and holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy.   Under the WA Disability Services Act (1993), the Disability Services Commission has a legislative responsibility for disability policy development in Western Australia (including advice, research and evaluation). 

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