Talking about a time when I felt pressured into doing something that I did not want to do

Have you ever felt pressured into doing something that you did not want to do?

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Posted Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2017
                        5:15 pm  EDT

Drinking a full glass of green mixed smoothie is a real bitter pill for me to swallow. I can never take a chill pill when doing that!

     As a matter of fact, I have a sweet tooth, and I have also made my own choice to become a carnivore - a meat eater. I can't stand drinking or even sipping originally green mixed drinks. I know such drinks are considered “super foods,” but sorry, I'm not a 'super fan.' I wouldn't say I'm a veggie hater, but vegetables, raw green in particular, are not my cup of tea. 

     I had spoiled my diet for years before moving to the U.S. with my husband. He is an ideal health icon. I have started a nutritious diet since then.

     He always convinces me to drink fresh, homemade green mixed smoothies as much and as often as I can. The benefits of the drink are tempting, with nutritional and scientifically-proven research, but to me it takes tremendous guts to swallow a portion.

     I remember the moment of a 'should-finish' commitment to sip the drink my husband made me give a first try. While he was putting each kind of raw green into a blender (like a killer for me), my eyes completely refused to see what was in it. Still, my ears were listening to that scary sound of the killer. My mind then got the picture of what the mixture would look and taste like. “Oh, man! It's so refreshing and yummy,” he said pleasantly, while having a big gulp. “Oh, God! Please help me,” I murmured, when seeing him walk up to me with his super drink ready to serve. 

    “Hon, this is specially made for you. It seriously helps keep you forever young- looking and away from the doctor. Believe me!” he tempted me. I was really pressured, with a blend of persuasive and compulsive feelings. I hated that raw green monster, whereas I love my husband and always appreciate his goodwill and concerns. 

     I dipped the tip of my tongue in, as a sip experiment. It first tasted a little okay, but I made a yucky face, though. He continued encouraging me to try a big gulp. This time I had to hold my breath to show off my guts. “Oh, man! I feel so queasy,” my mind shouted. Nevertheless, I gathered my guts and tried to finish the half-glass portion. It seemed to be the last of my guts and the last gulp as well. I could barely swallow that gulp. Swiftly, I ran to throw the portion and gurgled my mouth with a gallon of water.

     Thank God! And thank my man not making me to finish a whole glass. He felt really sorry, and I felt a little guilty. I made him feel better by sharing the compromise of putting a half portion of berry or fruity stuff mixed with the raw veggies for me, so as to give it another try. He would love to do that. So, we found a happy ending agreement. 

     I found it hard for me to get used to such a super drink; however, I made it with a little pride. It's true that new experiences take guts and offer worthy lessons. As the saying goes, “No pain, No gain.” What I have learned is “One ‘green’ glass a day keeps the doctor away,” while he has learned “More fruit to put away will make me stay.” 



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