Human Capital​ for the English for Future Success​ Project

The Institute for Lifelong Learning Promotion and Creative (ILPC) of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University invited Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom to be the keynote speaker on Human Capital for the English for Future Success Project at the Institute for Lifelong Learning Promotion and Creative (ILPC) of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University on February 22, 2017.

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Keynote Speech on Human Capital

by Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom

There are 4 kinds of capital: Money, natural resources, technology and human capital.

Capital is something you invest to get it.

In Thailand, people do not pay attention to human capital.

The country invests in human capital like Singapore tends to do well. It has 10 times of per capita income more than Thailand. Singapore does not have natural capital so it invests in human capital.

The key is to understand the quality of human capital.

In Thailand, we are rich in natural resources. Then, we forget people.

If Thailand wants to do research or innovation, it needs to invest in people.

Smart farmers are needed for agriculture to be more productive.

There are other two kinds of quality of human capital.

You have to be ethical or have honesty or integrity.

Another is to be happy.

Singapore needs happiness.

Thais are happy but sometimes not ethical and smart.

We need to understand how to develop human capital in Thailand.

Cultivation is necessary but harvesting is more important.

Harvesting is to manage people.

Execution – Overcome Difficulties

We have to do the following step by step and follow up.

Worry about resistance of change

Use leadership to overcome difficulties


To understand how to develop human capital

You need education, health, nutrition, family, media, religions to become quality human capital.

Everybody needs investment in human capital.

Then, they can have Thinking Skill, Analytical Skill, Scientific Thinking, Creativity, Innovation, Learning Society and being Public-spirited. They become quality human capital.

Quality human capitals are smart, good and happy.

Thailand does not enough smart people. They need critical thinking.

King Rama IX was smart, honest and happy.

Once you leave after education, you go to job market so education in Thailand is important.

You must become life-long learning.

In job markets, there are Agriculture, Industry, Service, Government and Self Employment.

These are demand side.

If you are good human capital, you will be efficient to generate productivity and society becomes better.

Problem is that Thai education does not teach the students to think.

8 K’s Theory: basic in Human Resource Development

  • Human Capitalis the main one.
  • Intellectual Capital -to have ability to think
  • Ethical Capital
  • Happiness Capital -happy in learning
  • Social Capital -networking, have friends
  • Sustainability Capital – think about long term
  • Digital Capital -young people are very good at IT
  • Talented Capital skill, knowledge and attitude

The 2nd to 8th capitals are the subsets.

The wisdom is not the degree.

5 K’s (New) Theory: Human Resource Development in globalization

  1. Creativity Capital
  2. Knowledge Capital
  3. Innovation Capital
  4. Cultural Capital
  5. Emotional Capital

You need 8K’s in order to have 5K’s.

Innovation without ethics could be very bad.

Harvesting is different from cultivation.

People have feeling. If you want to manage them, you need to understand people management.

Motivation- makes people work for you.

On the second circle, think of Leadership Competency, Entrepreneurial Competency, Macro and Global Competency

Leaders must gain people’s trust.

Entrepreneurial Competency is ability to generate more income by getting more customers or more income from increasing cost for a unit.

Macro and Global Competency make you to look at the world differently. Know what is going on in the world. We need to understand ASEAN.

HRDS for People Management & Effective Teamwork

  • Happiness
  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Sustainability

When you grow up, you need to do something good.

If you want to have incentives in life, use HRDS.

You work because you are happy, get respect, dignity and have long-term development.

Invest in education to make you stronger in the future.

In the future, you cannot work alone. You need to work as a team.

Execution – Overcome Difficulties

We have to do the following step by step and follow up.

Worry about resistance of change

Use leadership to overcome difficulties

You must work hard, smart and happily.

HRDS are needed to apply to make people work for you. You must respect them.

In the world, you must think bigger and have dream.


1.Why Education system in Thailand fails to generate human capital?

Human is important because human starts everything in the world.

Leader is important.

In many schools and universities, the systems fail.

The main problem is teacher. The leaders should develop teachers to be better. Some teachers have bad attitudes.

The second problem is the student. Students in countryside should have more motivation. We should motivate them to learn more knowledge and show successful people to them.

Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom

Good point

In Finland, education system is world-class.

In Thailand, there is a gap between good and poor students.

The second point about the students, the students do not consider education very seriously. They do not think that human capital is not important. They think of technology and money.

We got to motivate the students to pay attention and think of long term.

Doing workshop encourages you to learn more.

Parents never consider education important for children except passing the exam.

Entering the job market is the real exam.

Ask yourself what you will become when you are 40 years old.

Sustainability is important.

2.Which of 8K’s and 5K’s are the most important for you? Why?

Nowadays, social capital is very important. If we have a good society our lives will be better.

Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Therefore, creativity capital is more important.

Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom

Very good

He correctly chose creativity capital.

If you choose social capital, it means that you are living in the networking.

If you choose creativity capital, it means that you have creative ideas.

8K’s and 5K’s are general concepts. They are about what individuals are like.

Happiness is not happy workplace but happy at work.

If you pay attention to education to pass exam, education is not important because you do not enjoy learning.

Education becomes important because it relates to you.

Some teachers copy the ideas from textbooks but never apply to the world.

Some western textbooks are obsolete.

8K’s come before 5K’s.

Creativity and innovation must have honesty and integrity. Otherwise, the society will be corrupted.

If you are smart, you have to control your emotion.

Thank you very much.