A Victory of Light

A Victory of Light

Evening comes then darkness of night
It's a fact, each day is divided by light
A daily cycle, sleep to rest, wake to live
Over and over, time to dream and do to achieve.

A life process, dream and do, all parts of learning
In our world, dark and light, day and night, returning
in our mind, wrong and right, hate and love, remixing
Again and again, greed and gift, war and peace, vexing

Battles for Light, awakening, freedom from evil
Remaining dead, debris, broken, lost, beyond revival
Weakened, exposed, shamed and scorned, darkness in retreat
A little fire, lit in a cave, has come to burn in every street.

Now lights conquer. It's day, the world over
The Sun still sets, but the night no longer stets
The day of awakening, for dream and do, perpetuating
Devils can no longer hide. Angels! Toot! Toot! Move aside!


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The Devil has won another battle!

The Good must now negotiate with the Bad. The world is now Ugly!

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