Birds in Hand

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Birds in Hand

We have had over 300 mm of rains in a week. The place is coming alive. Recovering from a desperate situation after a usual dry Winter, an unusual dry Spring and very late Summer rains. Usually, a lot of birds would have gone from our place by now. We have wildlife (in a plural sense) come to feed, mate and raise their youngs in Winter. They usually leave around end of Spring. But this time, the Spring rains were very poor and Summer rains were late by some 8 weeks, many birds are staying on. We keep on feeding them too.

[In our backyard, a goose (named Millie) is sharing grains with a sulphur-crest cockatoo (named Yo Yo).]

[A family of king parrots feeding. The red head in front is the father, next in the middle is his daughter, the mother looks on from the top.]

[A king parrot sharing feed with a bunch of rainbow lorikeets, they sprang up at the sound of camera clicking.]

[birds in hand. ;-) - literally. ]

[A lovely flood -- after some 8 months of dry and draught conditions. A flood is very welcome!]

Living 'in the bush' (in rural area) where 'modcons' (modern conveniences: water, electricity, phone,...) are poorly and costly provided, has its charm and beautiful moments. Wild birds are lovely to see (and are useful fertilizing agents). Many birds have given us a gift of trust and would perch on our hands and feed from our hands. These are moments we enjoy. Moments of interspecies interactions in harmony.

Peace in our hand!

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มาชื่นชม..เจ้าค่ะ...แม้ว่าจะเป็นฝันที่ห่างไกล..ที่จะไปถึงตรงนั้น...peace in our hand...ตอนนี้..ฝึกที่จะ..สงบใจ..ให้ได้...มือจะได้อยู่สุขซ้ะกะที..5......มีภาพชีวิตในลำน้ำท่าจีน..มาฝาก..เจ้าค่ะ..



แม่น้ำท่าจีน is a long river --from memory it flows through Supanburi, Nakon Pathom and Samutsakorn-- from your picture I would guess that it's somewhere in Supanburi. But I have heard about water problems in that area recently. So, tell me where.

My place is really in the bush away from other 'tourists attractions', and as I said 'modcons'. It is open for you. For relaxation, meditation and wildlife observation. The place is quite green and growing at this moment but it is 4-wheel-drive access only. The cyclone season is just around the corner so we expect wet weathers to go on until (Saint Patrick's Day) after Easter. In Winter and Spring, it is not as cold as Hamberg ;-) but much colder compare to Bangkok Thailand.


สวัสดีค่ะ คุณsr..แม่น้ำนี้.ผ่านสถานที่ที่เรียก..(.ตัวเองว่า littletree garden..ดูได้ในเนตค่ะ)...แถวๆสามพรานค่ะ..มีต้นไม้แน่นมากในเนื้อที่ประมาณสี่ห้าไร่ค่ะ..บุคคลคนหนึ่ง..จบปริญญาโทจาก ประเทศที่คุณอาศัยอยู่เวลานี้ด้วยค่ะ..



Thanks ยายธี

The place looks very nice and green - a paradise in industrialised zone.

I have those plants ('hairy balls' of milkweed species) in our plant. I looked up:

Gomphocarpus physocarpus
Gomphocarpus physocarpus, commonly known as balloonplant, balloon cotton-bush, bishop's balls or swan plant, is a species of milkweed. The plant is native to southeast Africa, but it has been widely naturalized. [Wikipedia]...Gomphocarpus physocarpus is a food of the caterpillars of Danaus butterflies, including the Monarch butterfly. This plant is also popular in traditional medicine to cure various ailments.

Warning: A hairy ball contains hundreds seeds. Each can grow just about anywhere ;-)


Very lucky you...thank you so much for sharing.


Dear โอ๋-อโณ : Thank you for visiting. And yes - I am very lucky to have a good environment to live in and to enjoy many wonderful moments. Mind you, this is not always so. A lot of work and disappointments have gone into it. Somehow I've managed to blend in and become a part of my environment. There! My secret for enjoying what life offers ;-)

[We know rainbow lorikeets (grains, fruits and nectar eaters), a native myna (read 'my nah'; a grains and bread eater) on the wooden arch, a butcher bird (a meat and insect eater) on a small branch (top right) ] Another wonderful moment in my backyard!


Thanks ,A lot of things can learn from your article and nice pictures .

เป็นภาพที่สวยงามเห็นความสุขของนกที่หาชมได้ยาก ขอบคุณค่ะ


Thank you พูลไท : for your kind word of support. Glad you find this post useful.

Thank you นงนาท สนธิสุวรรณ : I like to think so too - that birds are well cared for and happy. So far I know that a family of water-hens and a family of wood-ducks are living down the front dam. They first came many years ago and they are still here even with threats from foxes, goannas, water dragons and crows (crows prey on eggs and babies).

But life is like that eventhough we wish otherwise.