My Phone, My Data Security?

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What some apps are doing on our phones, if we ever ask this question.

According to

...BlackBerry's Priv, the smartphone maker's debut Android phone running "Lollipop" 5.1.1, comes with an app, dubbed DTEK, which monitors and notifies users when data has been accessed, when, and for how long, including a user's location, contacts, text messages, camera, and microphone. It doesn't, however, actively mitigate an app from accessing the data in the first place...

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Skype, WhatsApp, and Yelp access your data hundreds of times, but nobody knows why

...Skype is one of the worst offenders, reading hundreds of contacts every few hours...

...The companies -- Microsoft, which owns Skype; and Facebook, which owns WhatsApp; and Yelp -- were all unable to explain why their apps had accessed the contacts list in my Android phone so often...

This is not a little isolated breach of our privacy or our personal security but many believe there are 'a lot' of trojan apps crawling, looking and search every nook and corner in our mobile phones and collecting our data. Yes, these apps also use our phones to leak our data.

Perhaps, it is time we pay attention to what our phones and apps can do to us ;-)

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Dear GD: I don't think we can exclude Iphones from the issue above.

This issue is about "undocumented features" in many apps (even reputable ones like Microsoft and FaceBook) that can be problems for many government, armed defence, police, and other 'security classified' personnel. If you are among those, I would suggest looking and thinking about how to minimize your risk of breaching not only your personal data but also 'meta-data' of those you contact. [Meta-data can reveal places, (lengths of) time and frequencies of meetings, and travelling routes and purchasing (habits),... in short the profile of activities and hence of the person your are.]

Though I have reasons to believe that our defence authorities are well aware of this issue and have 'procedures' to minimize effects. I have concerns that they have not covered 'meta-data' sufficiently. Perhaps you know more about this than I do.