At Home This Winter 2

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At Home This Winter 2

This is a winter not quite like other winters before. It is dry (no rains) as usual but we have had some good rains earlier in the year so we still have enough water in our dams. Our orchids put on flowers shows like they always do. But

our peaches couldn't wait till Spring;

a bougainvillea couldn't wait either while the grass still waits for a rain;

two cacti (or catuses) won't grow up like their relatives in Arizona US; some pelargoniums in flowers in the background; a horsetail cactus and a few pineapples -- they are tough (drought resistant) and good food for rabbits (sigh);

some lives (cruxific orchids, mother-in-law's tongues,...) can thrive even in seemingly unforgiving conditions.

I have statistics (a bar chart) to show. These are left behind in front of our place. Guess what ranks top!

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