Chapter 10 : Leadership : Being an Effective Project Manager

Leadership is about coping with the change

  On Managing the Project, the project manager have to scheduling the resource and time to complete the project on time with customer need but that is not enough. The project manager have to work with others such as project teams, top manager, customers, functional managers, etc. which have the different idea with the project so Leadership is required for the Project manager. When we want to work with some one we have to understand his thinking. Because someone think opposite with us so we have to find the way to keep them understand our requirement. If not the problem will occurs.

   Leadership is about coping with the change. When the project is running usually there will be the change in something the project manager have to responding that change and keep the other cooperator to change too by motivating them.

   Social is important just like in the text book they are talking about the project “installation the software system” the project manager had no previous history of working with the manager of the receipts department and this project will make the serious problems with him so the project manager arrange to have lunch with him so they have chance to discuss and the result is good for the project.

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