Relatives: defining clauses click on the correct answer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 The woman ... is sitting in front of you now, is a former girlfriend of mine. whom who which -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 The letter ... you sent to our customers last week contained three spelling errors. / who which -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 The car ... I fancy most is an MGf. whom which / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 I am looking for a plant ... flowers in February. that which who -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 I have just finished a book about a piano player ... sole ambition in life was to perform for the pope. whose which whom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 I have been invited by a colleague ... has moved to Canada. / who whose -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 The person ... Anne is most keen on is me. whom / which -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Where can I find a shop ... sells cigarettes? that who whose --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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