Healty People 2010...conceptualised physical activity in CHURCHES!

Reference: Anderson, E.S., et al. (2006). Social-cognitive determinants of physical activity: the influence of social support, self-efficacy, outcome expectations, and self-regulation among participants in a church-based health promotion study. Health Psychology, 24(4): 510-20.

Reading this article...leads me thinking of our Thai people being socialised in temples...bringing physical well-being in a spritual location would be a better alternative promotion in our health system...what do you think krab?

This article used a structural equation analysis of data from 999 Americans who were participating in 14 churches. The researchers created a model including age, race, social support, self-efficacy, and self-regulation that contributed to the prediction of the levels of physical activity.

In a simple explaination - physical activity interventions should focus on increasing self-regulation, such as scheduling physical activity into the daily routine in churches.

This research highlights a combination of psychosocial and physical aspects in getting individuals to believe and creat any appropriate religious activity in related to health promotions.

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