From the last week till now our class come in to the practical session of the Project Management. On this week we learn Developing the Project Plan that involve with the project network. That is important step of drawing an activity flow chart in the sequence with the relationship among the activity and their start and finish times. All of this will help the project manager to scheduling labor and equipment, estimate the project’s duration, identify an activity that are critical and etc.

There are many methods to develop the project network but the most commonly are as follow
     1. Bar Chart/Gantt Chart
     2. Network Diagrams 
          -Activity on Arrow (AOA) 
         -Activity on node (AON)

   For this week we learn AOA method by the example of the activity from Hanging a Picture. After finish AOA, we can find the critical activities/tasks and the float of some activities. The critical activity will effect directly to the project’s duration if it late will take the project finish late too. In the same time the tasks that are on the parallel path may have some float that shown they can late with out the effect with the project’s duration.