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Organization structure and culture
Session :3 class journal


    Today at first we discuss about “ How to submit this class assignments in each student blog and then we have to present about last Friday class journal homework that we already posed in our blog .

     For my journal , I have a big misunderstand about this class homework because at first , I just try to do the film prioritization case study that it talk about “how to select the movie from the movie list that meet the must objectives and have some want objective of the film organization by we can check each film information and after that we can rate some points to look the most matching movie that have highest points.

     However when I know that I have to do the in class journal then I do not have some more time to it but for actually I have to say very sorry to everyone that I missed last class.

    And for this time , we start to talk about session 3 ( Organization : Structure and culture ) , After we have studied in chapter 1 and 2 already . In my opinion this session is also very important part that everyone in organization should understand because each organization have the own Structure and culture and different from other organization so if we need to apply some new things , new technology or some new ways to work that we think that it will make our better performance organization but if we don’t definitely understand about the Structure and culture of the organization so it will may the cause of some problem in organization that is almost the same case that professor told in the last class so it is important that before we doing things in the organization we have to understand our Structure and culture before .

      Then we talk about two types of knowledge in the project management that are the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge and I can say that

The explicit knowledge is the knowledge that we can learn by reading the book or some notes and this knowledge is easy to manage because it does not have any complex ideas then we can learn and go in the track for easy in step by step .

The tacit knowledge is  the knowledge that we can learn by doing and can get by experience this very difficult to manage because it can be changed in anytime situation.

      And last for my organization I know about my structure and culture of my organization especially the seniority culture of my organization so when I decide to do something I have to point in this my organization culture and for my organization structure , in my idea , I do not happy about my organization structure at all so if I can , I will re organization my organization structure for sure .

 Very thank you professor.Cpt. Anupon Naksut
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