Week no.4 with Chapter 4 : Defining the Project. As we know the project was unique so we have a specific procedure to manage each projects. That confuse the project managers if they have no system operation. Work Breakdown Structure call WBS is one part of Project management’s knowledge. Which was useful material to manage the project by the system way.

   From my work place the project BPD (Business Process Development) has to develop the process of operation in my work place by the new technology. Which use the program computer called Open Plan (like Microsoft Project) to manage the operation. That is useful for the high level manager easy to see the whole process of work and can see the critical task that need to do first to prevent the fail of work. WBS was used to separate the work in subordinate task and do it in the system way. And put the resources in task by task so you can find out how to manage the scarce resources to run the project. The managers can see who was assign in what task that help to see the efficiency of the team members.

   Even though that BPD Project was useful but it make me to spend more time to work with the old work and the new one. To update the progress monthly not only my progress I receive the responsibility to update instead of the other members in my department. So I must contact every one in every month to review the progress.