My life goal-2

My life Goal-Lucky  gives the meaning of goal as target, objective, destination, purpose and aim. Goal in my opinion means target, dream and hope. A goal can be minor, major, general, specific and it can take a short, medium and long time to achieve.

Setting goals has many benefits. It saves time and working costs, makes it easy to cooperate within a team, makes it easier to manage everything and creates efficient results. It is also a challenge for me to achieve. I have 2 types of goals in my life; working goals and personal goals. I usually set goals every week for work. It helps me to get the job done on time and it saves time spent managing my breeding program. It is also easier to follow up and cooperate with my team and I have time left over to other interesting projects. . Daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals lead to yearly goals. I always review my goals every year. It is useful for me to analyze process, result and improvement. I use the results to develop my assistants and myself.

 Here are some examples of my working goals..

Goal no.

Project goal

Target date


Establish a R&D strategy for China and India in collaboration with the commercial team



Review and develop a long-term plan for the Thailand facilities for breeding



Develop 600 Jwala hybrids and 400 small erect hybrids for the Indian market


Personal goals are useful to develop ourselves and it is very useful to set targets within our family. We can divide major goals from many minor goals and be responsible for each. I set my personal goals as in the following  table.

Goal no.

Project goal

Target date


Finish English class at AUA

Dec 2010


Visit my mother at least once a month

Every year


Build family house at new farm

· Increase 10% of sales for melon seed every year: papa

· Save 20% of salary to BKB: mama

Dec 2020

It is not easy to meet goals. We need to develop an action plan, work hard, update information, be well organized, have good relationships, network, work well as a team, expect results, learn from mistakes and  constantly improve. We will be happy when we achieve our goals and we can try one more time to meet a target, if we failed the first time by changing our plan and process. but it is not difficult if you love to do, try again, it is not too late.   

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you said:

"Visit my mother at least once a month Every year"

That is the best goal for you IMO:

good luck,


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