No-fault patient compensation

Patient compensation


No-fault patient compensation

             Patient compensation is the right for people who had weaken contact with medical service because in the field of care from medical system cannot predict the future time about patient health status. Although the best human and the best system serve the best care for patient, 100% of the best outcome is impossible.

              This topic require to explain system for patient compensation and don’t want to prove mistake medical staff (No-fault related compensation system)  by follow the lesson learned from Scandinavian countries to compensate patient who suffered damage cause by medical services include of 4 guiding values of equity, quality efficiency and social accountability as essential designing goals. For example

-          Scandinavian countries are the leader of No-fault compensation system. There have been produce organization of funds between government and drugs company for support recompenser from side effect of the drugs under the product liability.

-         -   In Norway that is the first of this system present to satisfied citizen with the support system regarding to the compensation. They have a consult center for advice the right and help writing make a prosecution moreover  he/she can submit by themselves through on the websit.

-          -  In Newzeland showed the insurance system for cover all accident include traffic, illness, illness from work, sport and medical injured service by premium under only one system that is ACC (Accident compensation corporation) at the last time. Now a day change from premium to taxation under the law in 1998

      -In Thailand , the compensation is fewer than another countries though the government have budget support for patient , complex system and unfairness system are big problems for proceed system. Indeed of Thai people that low income, they don’t have enough of money to fight so this the challenge a hasty remark to protect the right for Thai-patient.  


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