International health

International health is....

International health

                         International health is associate members between two or more than two countries for action with people health status consist of natured health, organizations and action, involve in migrations and foreign worker.

-          Health is look after for holistic care include physical, mental, social and spiritual under humanistic right. The purpose narrow to healthy for people by mix of services as a result of prevention, promotion rehabilitation and curative.

-          Organizations is a formal agreement to make project together such as WHO, UNICEF, FAO etc.

-          Action is wide for doing include definition, criteria, and indicator. At the first time should be find size of problem, sickness with severity and the number of death after that must be analytical epidemiology and information with treatment at the finally. Moreover, success of action depends on public concern with  doing every things follow a plan.

                    Such as Flu’ 2009, it’s harm and serious to health status for people around the world so it must be follow process to solution by the answer from what is this, what the impact for people and how can do it. Every organization must joint for brainstorms and doing to find method to solve this problem. You can see public relation showed report situation and method for treatable promotion and prevention by mass communication. These are possible to be successful if you concern and take care self with family, that is an international health.

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