Relationships between Leisure, Stress, and Well-being

Reference: Baum, A. (1991). A psychophysiological perspective, with emphasis on relationships between leisure, stress, and well-being. In B. L. Driver, P. J. Brown & G. L. Peterson (Eds.), Benefits of leisure (pp. 407-410). Pennsylvania: Venture Publishing, Inc.

Sawasdee krab,

This memo is talking about leisure benefits for relaxation, recreation, or rest.

While we are experiencing various stressful situation or circumstance, how we are going to be ready for taking a rest?

         "Work can be, and frequenctly is, stressful. Leisure serves as a balance to work,   in part by providing restorative refractory periods in which the pressures of work are less salient. ... It is likely that recreation opportunities which are readily available in our everyday environment provide more benefits than relaxing or recreating in the 'proper, natural setting' which may produce optimal benefits." Cited in Baum, A. (1991, p. 408).

One famouse model has been proposed that leisure offers life satisfaction to individual needs, enhancing physical and mental health in somehow mechanism.

However, it depends upon what kind of stressful situation you are experiencing with.

One nice advice from me is changing your behavioral pattern while getting stress, and then participating your selection of leisure activities-with less physical effort and more relaxation.

Someone may argue with me that why don't we release emotional stress by fact, performing low-demand leisure activities fascilitates your working of mental capacity rather than shunting down your mind via sleeping....

Best of luck to your mental well-being and option of leisure participation na krab.....  



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