ASIA MODELLING SYMPOSIUM (AMS 2008), 13 - 15 May 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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2nd Asia International Symposium on Modelling and Simulation

13 - 15 May 2008

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 2nd Asia Modelling Symposium (AMS 2008) aims to provide an excellent opportunity to share and exchange technologies and applications in the modelling and simulation fields for professionals, engineers, academics and industrial people worldwide.

The symposium will focus on any aspect of modelling and simulation techniques and applications, particularly those involving distributed complexity and intelligent characteristics and behaviour. Extending the theme established last year into distributed systems, dealing with complexity often involves the use of intelligent and adaptive design methods. Models in computational intelligence, hybrid networks, connectionist systems, evolutionary algorithms and fuzzy systems are being explored by designers, implementers and managers to improve understanding, evaluation and assessment of these systems. Modelling and Simulation techniques provide fundamental support at all stages of the life cycle in application areas such as industry, business, energy, transport and the environment.

AMS 2008 will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 13-15 May 2008.

The keynote speaker will be Prof Oussama Khatib, Stanford University.

For further details and to submit a paper, see:

Papers are invited in the areas of, but not limited to:

Industry, Business and Management
Algorithms, Methods and their Applications
Methodologies and Tools
Energy, Power Generation and Distribution
Distributed Systems and Networks
Software Agents and Agent-Based Simulation
Simulation of Agents
Computer Games and Simulation
Architecture of Intelligent Systems
Vision and Visualization Systems
Transport, Logistics, Harbour, Shipping and Marine Simulation
Environment and Health
Education and Training
Applications in Bioinformatics
Robotics, Fuzzy modelling, Control and Automation
Knowledge and Data Mining
Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation
Swarm Intelligence & Technology
Internet Modelling, Semantic Web and Ontologies
Embedded Devices

Important Dates

Submission of paper/poster:  1st November 2007
Notification of acceptance:  15th January 2008
Author registration due:     7th February 2008
Camera-ready papers due:     15th February 2008

Conference Chair: Steve Turner, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, [email protected].
Conference Co-Chair: Jasmy Yunus, University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia, [email protected]
Program Chair: Gary Tan, National University of Singapore, Singapore [email protected]
Program Co-Chair: Shamsudin Amin, University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia, [email protected]
General Chair: David Al-Dabass, Nottingham Trent University, UK [email protected]
General Co-Chair: Ajith Abraham, Norwegian University of Science and
Technology, Norway, [email protected]
Local Arrangement Chair: Yahya Sam, University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia, [email protected]
Local Arrangement Advisors: Marzuki B. Khalid, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected], Rubiyah Yusof, UTM, Malaysia,

Track Chairs/Teams:

A. Energy, Power Generation and Distribution
  Janos-Sebestyen Janosy, KFKI, Budapest, Hungary, [email protected]
  Nik Rumzi Idris, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

B. Agents and Simulation
  Malcolm Low, NTU, Singapore, [email protected]

C. Internet Modelling, Semantic Web and Ontologies
  Jafar Habibi, Sharif University, Iran, [email protected]
  Ali Selamat, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

D. Parallel and Distributed Architectures and Systems
  Rassul Ayani, KTH, Sweden, [email protected]
  Y.M.Teo, NUS, Singapore, [email protected]

E. Performance Engineering of Computer and Communication Systems
  Irfan Awan, Bradford University, UK, [email protected]
  Nor Khamis, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

F. Visualisation and Computer Games
  Suiping Zhou, NTU, Singapore, [email protected]
  Habibollah Haron, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]
  Zuwairie Ibrahim, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

G. Intelligent Systems
  Lars Nolle, Nottingham Trent University, UK, [email protected]
  Ajith Abraham, [email protected]
  Patrick Wong, Open University, [email protected]
  Mohd Othman, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

H. Transport, Logistics, Harbour, Shipping, and Marine Simulation
  Yuri Merkuryev, Riga Technical University, Latvia, [email protected]
  Teruaki Ito, University of Tokushima, Japan, [email protected]
  Evtim Peytchev, Nottingham Trent University, UK, [email protected]
  Omar Yaakob, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

I. Industry, Business and Management
  Alessandra Orsoni, Kingston Business School, UK, [email protected]
  Vlatka Hlupic, University of Westminster, UK, [email protected]

J. Methodologies and Tools/OR
  Mohd Ngadiman, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

K. Biomedical Simulation
  Jasmy Yunus, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]
  Norlaili Safri, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

L. Embedded Devices
  Manaf Hashim, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]
  Ooi Chia Yee, UTM, Malaysia, [email protected]

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