Lessons learned and potential application in the context of Thai rural health services(ต่อ)

Thai Health System
Public sector
Special hospitals
Region : Regional hospitals >500 beds
Province : General hospitals >160 beds
District :Community hospitals 10 – 120 beds
Sub-district :Health centres
Other Ministries
MOE University hospitals
Private sector
2.2 Brief overview of Thai medical education system
1.  Conventional program
2.  Collaboration between Universities and  MoPH program
3.  Innovative rural medical school at Naresuan University(1995) and there will be 8 more rural medical schools in next year
4.  While students are accepted from anywhere the emphasis is on recruiting rural students to a rural medical school into a rural university

Career path of the Thai doctors
Undergraduate Medical Program (6 years)
Internship + compulsory work (3 Yrs)
Specialty training/Private sector /Practice in community hospitals
Practice in regional / general hospitals
High-school students from Lower-northern /North-eastern regions(90 students)
High-school students from National entrance exam (no specific regional needed) (60 students
Graduated in Health Sciences and work for  MoPH’s health services (30 students)
Pre-clinical years at  NU (2-3 yrs.)
Clinical yearsRegional hospitals
Clinical yearsUniversity hospital
Clinical years General hospitals
Internship & compulsory  work at public sector (3 yrs.)