Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics Albert Einstein
In physics, wave-particle duality holds that light and matter can exhibit properties of both waves and of particles.It is a central  concept of quantum physics.
Through the work of Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie and many others, it is now established that small objects, such as atoms, have both wave and particle nature, and that quantum mechanics provides the over-arching theory resolving this apparent paradox.

Dr. Quantum Physics
Dr. Quantum Physics Flatland
The 9th Symphony with a growing Water Crystal. From Masaru Emoto's Messages from Water learn more at www.hado.net/
Dvorak A New World with Dvorak, A New World.

From Masaru Emoto's Messages from Water 

 Relax, Breath Deeply and let the images and music set into your unconscious memory through your conscious awareness. Concentrate on Love and Gratitude and Fill your body with Harmony. 
Water Dream
water can change by thinking water life god mind dream new world order free mason CONSPIRACY

Will the Globe run ruin due to the destructive thoughts of Project Scamflake?

Learn about water crystals and commentary on Masaru Emoto's Water Crystals. The human species, every other living creature and our earth now has a hope for the future. See how water changes and how you can change today. If we can all change our polarity to a 100% posiitve glow and keep it our world will change. Let's take charge and change our world for the better. It all starts with us.

Learn More  about water crystals at

This video is for educational and religous purposes.

Pay It Forward

:) May All Bless All 
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