English for Communication skills

English for Communication skills

Unit one

The first visit to the hospital

Unit 1- The first visit to the hospital

Receptionist    Good morning, madam. May I help you?

Patient              Yes, I want to see a doctor, please.

Receptionist    Is this your first visit to the hospital?

Patient             Yes, it is.

Receptionist    Can you fill in this form, please?

Patient              Certainly

Receptionist    Thank you very much.

Patient              No problem.

Receptionist    Can you tell me what is wrong?

Patient              I have a bad cold.

Receptionist    Okay, I will arrage for you to see a doctor.

Patient             Thank you so much.

Receptionist    Can I see your passport, please?

Patient              Certainly. Here you are.

Receptionist    Thank you. Can you please sit down over there and I will be with you in a minute.

Patient              Ok

Receptionist    Here is your passport and your hospital ID card.

Patient             Thank you very much.

Receptionist    OK. Can you please go with the Nurse Aide to waiting area number 4 and give this piece of paper to the nurse there.

Patient              Thank you.

Receptionist     You are welcome.


Can: Request and Orders

Can you make a cup of coffee, pleas?

Can you turn the TV on?

Can you come here a minute?

Can you be quite!

Can you tell me what is wrong?

Can you fill in this form please?

Can I see your passport please?

Can you sit down over there?

Can you come with me?


Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening


Good night

Other expressions:

Thank you

Thank you so much

Thanks you very much

You are welcome


Are you allergic to any drug?

Do you have allergic to any drug?

Have you had an operation?

Have you eaten grasshopper?

Who is left hands?

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