VSA/ICYE Thailand March 2024

VSA/ICYE Thailand March 2024



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VSA2403-3 Community Development/Home Stay- Songkhla 

18-29 March 2024

9 international volunteers from France, Czech, Netherlands, Japan and Hongkong + 30 local Thai

Waste Upcling Bilateral camp Hongkong-Thai 

21-27 March 2024 Songkhla, Thailand 


ICYE Asia-Pasific Meeting and Safer Together Policy against Sexual Violence Training 

5-13 March 2024 


Medical and wellness program 

18-27 February 24 11 Indonesian Medical and Phamacy students group 

VSA2402-1  Peace Village-Songkhla  
12-24 February 2024


VSA2402 Intercultural and Language (ICL)- Nakhon Ratchasima
05-17 February 2024


Volunteer Story


2,700 km Away from Home

Media Content Creator Project in Dan Khun Thot Thailand February 5-10, 2024
by Heyma Aqira, Indonesia  


VSA peace of village Songkhla

Overseas volunteer work that has become a meaningful experience in my life. 

VSA 2401 (waste upcycling) story


World Heritage Volunteer action  Lanna: stamp on the heritage from the past to the present

VSA Thailand was selected in Global Awards for World Heritage Education Innovative Cases(AWHEIC) from WHITRAP to present the World Heritage Volunteer action: Lanna: stamp on the heritage from the past to the present online action in 'The Next 50 Years World Heritage Education Towards Future, Saudi Arabia in 17 September 2023 


 VSA Thailand in TNN Channel, Thailand National Media Channel

VSA Thailand in TNN News 19:00 at TNN Channel 16; 29 June 2023

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