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International Muay Thai Tradition During the reigns of King Rama 5 and 6, many types of sports and entertainment were brought from Europe. At that time, it was often called "Western style" such as Western music, Western string instruments, Western movies, etc. The word "Western style" was later sometimes used as "International style", such as when Western music was improved with lyrics. Thai It's called being. “International Thai songs”

western style boxing Gloves are worn and Western-style rules apply. When it first came into existence, it was called "Foreign boxing". Later it was called "International boxing".

Western boxing or international boxing is different from Muay Thai in which the punch is used only as a weapon, not the elbows, knees and feet like Muay Thai. International boxing has been developed for a long time before becoming the current form. A bronze statue of a boxer who won the 141st Olympic Games in 216 BC lets us know that in ancient Roman times there was already a boxing match. And also made me realize that boxing in that era also used punching similar to Muay Thai. (but use a leather strip not raw thread)

In the later period, a long time later When boxing became a popular sport in Europe Especially in England and then expanded to America Boxers of that era fought with bare fists. and fight each other until one side loses Is scheduled to lift, sometimes up to 45 lifts, takes more than 2 hours. Later, until the year 1867 or 1867, a new set of rules called Queensberry Rules: The number of rounds is limited to 20 rounds, then reduced to 15 or 12 rounds. There is a standard size ring. There is counting of punching time and resting time between rounds. There is a schedule for counting to 10, etc. The important thing is to wear gloves. From this time onwards The international boxing competition gradually took its shape as it is nowadays.

International boxing or western boxing As the Thai people called it in the early days, it was a new item for Thai people. The first person brought to publish was M.C. Vibulsawatwong Sawatdikul, approximately in the year 2455 after His Highness returned from abroad. The Wong at her royal family Her Royal Highness Princess Thani Niwat (Krom Muen Phitthayalapritthiyakorn) compiled it, it appears that while studying at Eton High School His Highness gained a reputation as a light heavyweight boxer in the school. When he returned It also appears that in addition to government work under the position of the Royal Secretary He also helped teach and supervise the physical education of the Ministry of Justice, Western boxing department for many years. and composed a textbook It is regarded as a teacher of many boxing teachers in later times.

The teaching was first practiced at Suankularb School. which is also the location of the Central Physical Education School by training among teachers and students of Suankularb School and students of Central Physical Education School One boxing student who became very famous in western boxing was Niyom Thongchit, who would later become Thailand's first world champion Pone Kingpetch.

From Suankularb School and Central Physical Education School The popularity spread to schools so quickly that there were competitions between schools. and divided into groups according to weight during the time when Western boxing was being taught, which is a new style of boxing Muay Thai is also widely popular. At Suankularb School at that time, Muay Thai training was also included in the school curriculum. (The author of the book is Luang Wisandarunakorn Teachers and parents of Suankularb School) In addition to being the first stadium for Muay Thai competitions in the Khat Chueak era This school has produced many famous boxers in the field of Muay Thai, such as Mr. Jean Polchan (whose nickname, along with Mr. Thap Jumkoh, the top kicker from Korat, is "Punch Nai Jean, Toe Nai Tab").

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